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I should mention one of the most disturbing things about this experience is the threats. Baba Gaye was very kind at first, but after he got my money, he delivered me no results on my spell, and then also gouged me for a psychic reading. Which was totally wrong by the way. I asked him questions with answers which were plain as a bare bagel and he simply stuttered all over himself. His “bedside manner” (if you can call it that) was poor to say the least. One might even have called it nonexistent. To top it all off, he had the audacity to email my sister whom I specifically said I was quarreling with…and she was informed about all of my business. He was trying to use her to get me to send him more money (he felt if I thought he was going to reach out to all the people in my life, he would get my money).

Fortunately I have identified him as a total fake. He isn’t worth the time or money by any means. I received no benefit from his spells or services. None at all.