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    Website: misshenryslovespells.com
    Phone: (714) 707-8925
    Email: misshenryslovespells@gmail.com

    Name of Psychic / Spell Caster: Miss Henry

    Miss Henry took me for a small bit recently, only $350.00 or so. I found her when I was realizing maybe I should start by simply focusing on getting my ex to contact me. Things were so bad, I needed even just small communication from him. I chose to ask only for him to contact me. I needed a communication spell so Miss Henry talked me into a “contact me now spell”

    And now I will admit, that if he actually contacted me, it would have been worth ten times what I paid. But I got no results, and 7 months later was being fed the same mumble jumble in term of why theres no results. I should have to “pay more money” to get the results, and that I did not pay enough yet. I have heard that many times but it was very insulting here, as I had already paid 350 only to get him to contact me. I do understand that many people can just be stubborn and resistant to some extent, but I know my man was not, Miss Henry was just a fraud. This became more obvious when I got an anonymous email from one of her associates telling me of how she has been duping people by taking the money and not even burning or using the materials. While there is no real way to verify this is true or not, I can tell you that her spells dont work. and that is bad enough. She’s out there on facebook as well..
    but don’t let that fool you. She has had many facebooks and many different, similar identities. She is another one of the Nigerian scam artist types and barely speaks English. I could hardly understand her at all. I preferred email because it was that much easier to communicate with her. Heck, I should have cast two communication spells, one on my ex, and one on Miss Henry! That Way I can get a response and some answers!

    She brands her store as “old fashioned love spells” but really it should me “Miss Henry’s Old Fashioned Scams” Because all she does is take your money and run.


    I should add that her mailbox has been full for the entire time I had hired her. Her website keeps changing. And the person on the voicemail is NOT the person who takes your money etc. Definitely something fishy there. I cannot trust it again

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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