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    I wanted to like I really did. I loved their site design and the idea of purchasing something out of a catalogue. I had browsed them before, maybe almost 20 years ago, and I never bought anything. I saw them about a year or so ago and they were still up and their site looked the same. I took it as a sign and purchased 4 different things for my love life and one money spell. I also remember buying a “wagna doll” which is like their version of a voodoo doll. I figured I could use this on my ex as well to try and re-ignite the fire.

    To break down my list of complaints which to me determine Calastrology is a scam…

    a) The Wagna doll never showed up and they could not be reached for a refund.
    b) The additional emails I got after I paid indicated I needed to spend a lot more, and I ended up caving and purchasing a couple of add ons rather quickly, and then also a psychic reading from Roslyn Antle herself (usually her and Burton are doing most of the scheme I think but they also work with many others).
    c) The psychic reading I got from Roslyn was over 2 months from when I ordered it. She made me wait that long before giving me what I paid for, and the reading said I would not see results for over a year, which is coincidentally outside of their money back guarantee (which expires after a year)!
    d) The spells themselves by Burton or Roslyn did not work. None of the spells I bought worked. That’s arguably the worst thing of it all, as the entire idea was to get results. And after paying all this money, I had no results.

    I think I spent somewhere between $550 and 700 at calastrology. I never got any of what I paid for, not physically (the stuff I got that was supposed to be shipped to me) or spiritually (results for example).

    I hate that they cannot be trusted, but they certainly are not able to solve my problem and after doing a little research, I could tell rather quickly I wasn’t alone. Out of everywhere you could buy a spell, this would not be the place for me. That’s for sure. I will never use calastrology again.

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