About Moons and Brooms

Moons and Brooms Forum and Reviews was established to give the consumer a way to fight back and get some honest reviews up when it comes to psychics and spell casters. After having been scammed many times for a number of years, I have collected many friends who have had similar experiences. We have been on a hunt to find legitimate spell casters, psychics, covens, and spiritualists.

Moons and Brooms is a collection of our reviews and experiences, as well as our invitation for you to also share your own experiences. The idea is to have a genuinely honest place to find authentic help (while weeding out the bad apples as well).

While I will be reviewing all of my experiences thus far in the forum, as well my colleagues, we are hoping to see other people’s experiences as well. After all, you never know when your experience may help someone else!

Wrapping up – We hope to see you in the forum!

Blessed Be!

Moons and Brooms Admins